Cabbages and Kings

Perhaps since my introduction to computers in the late 80’s I’ve been into gaming, and it hasn’t lessened since. I was into computer games before I was into anything, and that includes Star Wars which I was only a fan of in my last years of high-school, incidentally the same year Attack of the Clone came out. But I’ve been aware of tabletop gaming, but who hasn’t? It’s in pop culture, even if all most people are aware of are the post-adolescent males who spend a lot of time in smelly basements. One of my friends is a long time DM, but it was the webcomic Darths and Droids that convinced me to go down to a large bookstore that sells gaming equipment (no game store where I live, guys) and pick up the Star Wars Role Playing Game Saga Edition as well as a set of tiles, gaming dice, counters and two A3 pads of graph paper. God gaming is expensive! It’s no wonder the sterotypical RPer has no social life, he can’t afford one!

Most people who want to roleplay usually find a group to play with that are expereinced. This wasn’t the case for me. I wanted to play, I had friends who were interested who knew even less than I did, so it fell to me to be the GM. That’s why I consider myself a Level 1 GM, I know only a little more than my players.

How did I learn to play then? The only way I could: with myself. And I found out very quickly in my first session that nothing goes to plan, but I’ll get to that later. I had to get from the stage where I had to manually add up every roll, to where I could just look at the dice and know everything was cool.

The next part was some sort of campaign, even a slapdash one that had more issues than the Millennium Falcon was better than nothing, it was something I could tell to players to get them in. Problem is only ONE of my friends was interested, so there we were in my first gaming session ever. One GM. One player. And in the library, as neither of us could have a gaming session at her house.

By the way, you did hear right, I am female and so is my first player.


~ by katanageldar on April 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “Cabbages and Kings”

  1. As aside, if you found Darths and Droids enjoyable, I would recommend checking out DM of the Rings: This is the comic that inspired Darth and Droids to create theirs. Its a slightly different take (more of a railroading DM than crazy players), but definitely worth checking out.

    One on one is a fine way to start DMing. It allows you to focus all of your attention on a single player, and mistakes only impact the two of you. Problems arise in systems (such as D&D) that expect all four characters covering the primary roles. But even that can be worked around.

    My first game was similar, one-on-one. It worked out fine. Even to to his day, one of my primary games is with just a single person. Her schedule doesn’t lend itself to working with my group, so I run a game just for her.

    • Yes, I have read DM of the Rings, but I did not find it nearly as enjoyable as Darths and Droids or Order of the Stick

  2. […] way I took it on, because as the Level 1 GM I had to run my game without ever playing one (except for the many solo practise sessions I did to grasp the mechanics). So the only model I had […]

  3. […] was my first post, made over a year ago now soon after I purchased the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition Core […]

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