You are in a cell…

Just last week I sat down to my first gaming session ever. It was an experience, but before I get to that I’ll go into my preparation as it seems I violated quite a first-time GM rules in the first ten minutes.

  • I had a set story I wanted the players to follow as I wanted them to
  • I had a pet NPC

After consulting several gaming blogs on the Net warning of this, I have purposely let the NPC Jedi exit stage left on several occassions, despite the fact that my Jedi is one big fat plot hook. He won’t last out the first tiny adventure I have planned though, and playing him ill give me the chance to learn how to be a Jedi so I can teach the players.  So it’s not all Gary Stu, as I ran into a lot of those quips and defeated them early on in my fan fic days.

So, the gaming session itself. It was good, it could have been better. I forgot the bloody intro! I just started with “You are in a cell on a ship travelling through space…” and hardly any story context, including the time period which I had to have the Jedi say later on. It also went a lot shorter than anticipated, so I think the whole adventure may be over in several sessions, which is not such a bad thing as I’d like to give the players a little more control over where this is going.

At leats after tomorrow I will, hopefully, have more than one player. He just doesn’t know it yet.


~ by katanageldar on April 15, 2009.

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