The way it often happens

In case you are wondering why I did not give my promised post after the second gaming session, it’s because it didn’t happen.

The story

Wednesday: I received a text message from my player saying she had injured her knee at work and couldn’t come. That I could live with, as I still had my friend who was coming to watch and I thought I could teach him the game and then begin playing, perhaps next session.

Thursday: Pouring with rain all day, I called him to cancel as there was no way I could walk in in that downpour. I possess neither a car nor license, and lugging my gaming gear through the rain would likely ruin it. Turns out that he wanted to cancel anyway as he had an assignment he wanted to finish.

Since he is the sort of friend to flake out and sees no problem in turning up late, I wondered why I had bothered to ask him in the first place. Desperation I guess, I was—and still am—desperate for more players. I even did several things to try and hook him into gaming. The first one was rolling him up a character, a Neimoidian Noble, since he liked Neimoidians even though I did tell him he could not play Nute Gunray. Anyone who is familiar with the Saga Edition can tell you that Neimoidians are not a heroic class. So I made an exception, for him. Turns out that due to the fact that Neimoidians have a +2 Intelligence modifier bonus, which made the modifier +4, and the fact that Nobles have six trained skills as part of their class, he was going to have a character with ten trained skills. Honestly, I had to check this three times to make sure it was legit, and it was.

The other thing I did was get him a set of dice. Not a nice set like mine, which is a lovely coppery colour that I will post a picture of at a later stage, but a set I got from a teacher’s supply shop, even though the assistant and I had to hunt through several jars.

So I have a rather great level 1 character, a spare set of dice and still one solitary player. To top it off, something went wrong with my order for the campaign guide and GM screen.

Sucks to be me, I guess.

But, touch wood, I have a gaming session on Thursday.


~ by katanageldar on April 28, 2009.

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