Dice & Distractions

That last post has me constantly thinking about Minties, to the point where I had to go and buy a bag as I hadn’t had them in years. There has been rather good news on the…well, rather mixed news. Good and Bad, perhaps.

Thursday morning: The Sole Player of My Game (though this is about to change as I will explain) texted me saying that she had neither her dice nor her character sheet. I was not going to go for three weeks in a row without a gaming session, so I told her we’d wing it. I do still have that spare set of dice and it’s not too much trouble to do another character sheet for her, she’s only Level 1. But then, I am too, but I don’t count.

Thursday afternoon: Found out I had a late meeting at uni that also included dinner straight after. The meeting started at 5pm, my gaming session ends at 4.30pm (usually). Which meant I was going to lug all my gaming gear to the meeting and dinner, which looked rather professional of me, lugging a backpack into a fancy restaurant.

We did manage to meet an hour and a half early, but didn’t get around to gaming until half an hour later. I did pick up my new campaign guide and GM screen though, which was a plus. And of course, by the time we got to the gaming table I had to spend about 10 minutes re-creating her character for her and then there was the level up-rather against the rules but I let it through just this once.

And then, finally, the session itself. She rolled once, when levelling up to get herextra  hit points. I didn’t roll at all; it was all role-play. However, there in lay the problem.

My only experience of how PCs talk to NPCs outside of the anecdotes from other GMs has been from comics like Order of the Stick, GM of the Rings and Darths & Droids as well as films like The Gamers and it’s sequel. From what I have gathered, PCs would rather get on with the adventure rather than talk to these annoying peeps who’s business it is to tell the GM’s story. Judging form the hesitant nature she was shwoing, it seemed that my player was actually afraid to talk to NPCS. I’ll have to ask her about it next session, it’s not as if NPCs are real people.

But that wasn’t the problem, the problem was that both of us had our mobile phones at the table. Bad idea and I am wondering if I should make it a policy to have them off at a session. First my phone rang about the wroker dinner, then hers about work and I had to led her mine as the battery went. And that phone call was why the session was so short, she had to leave at four. So, next week she’ll be still in the cantina talking to the Ithorian.

However, the story does not end there. Another friend and I, the same one who was going to come to the cancelled game session, went to an Aspergers support group meeting and I managed to pick up a new player and a possible player. Mostly by showing them my dice and a few character sheets, the fomer demonstrating the mechanics of the game of which I am playing down the difficulties. The aforesaid friend is also going to come along to the next session, which has been changed to Saturday morning in order to be more accommodat, hopefully. I have found that the hardest thing to do is to get people to agree on a time and place to meet.

So, if everything goes to plan on Saturday, I’ll have one and possibly two new players. Too bad I am not Palpatine.


~ by katanageldar on May 3, 2009.

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