“It’s like juggling grenades…”

After today I wonder why it took me so long to get into role playing gaming. By the end of the session I managed to get all four people playing, and it was more than fun, it was a blast.

It didn’t start very auspiciously, I missed a few phone calls and could not return them due to lack of phone credit. Then I turned up half an hour late as my maybe player was a little slow in getting ready (but I gave him a break as he was tired from a very involved teaching placement). But when we got there and started playing it just simply went from awesome to awesome.

For the purposes of clarity, I better set the scene and give a few more details on the players:

  • Player 1 – The Real Man: Commando/Medic style Soldier, this was the aforementioned new player with the Gary Stuish character backstory.
  • Player 2 – The Smart Guy: Another previously mentioned character, this is the Neimoidian Noble who I finally managed to convince to  play the second hour we were playing.
  • Player 3 – The Roleplayer: Though not so much about the part where she tries to solve NPCs problems, does try to follow the story more than the others. A Scoundrel, but more the Assassin style.
  • Player 4 – Action Girl: Scoundrel as well but more the thief, and a melee fighter rather than a ranged as most people in the party are.

And then there’s me, the NPC Factory among other things which on occassion has me arguing with myself and conjuring up Jedi disappearing acts. Not to mention flipping through the rulebook when I had no idea about a certain thing  (Bad, bad, BAD!) and then not finding it (even worse) so I had to make it up in accordance with Rule Zero: The GM is always right.

Highlights from Kessel:

  • Action Girl attempting to steal The Real Man’s purse before he was a party member (this is something else I had to make up, it was a roll against his Reflex Defense) and then failing. She then had to Persuade him that she meant no harm, which worked as he had a shoddy Will Defense.
  • Absolutely no suspicion whatsoever when a Seperatist they met wanted to speak o them in a dark alley. Afterwards I made a comment on their lack of Genre Saviness they had,  which lead to…
  • Meeting the Smart Guy asnd then wanting to take him to a dark alley and rob him. You know I should have kept my mouth shut about dark alleys. I had to do a GM saving throw by ing the Jedi turn up and an NPC who was with them point out that shooting in the street would attract unwanted Sepie attention.
  • The Smart Guy reading word-for-word the post it notes I stuck to his charater sheet instead of saying the in-character.
  • And there was the general contempt that the entire party felt for the Jedi, possibly due to the Roleplayer’s influence and her saying how annoying etc he was.

I did actually leave one plot point hanging, the Sullustan in the cantina who offered to change the ship ID docs was not needed as the Smart Guy had the necessary skills for them to have it dfone for free. To be honest, I am a little confused what they nded up naming the ship. It’s either the Wayfarer or the Confused Bantha, and I must confess a liking for the latter name.

The space battle was easily the best bit, possibly because I took down the screen (the NPC Jedi was the pilot) and we all played together. I will have to read up a bit more about what the Systems Operator does in a battle, that was the bit I flipped through the book to do and I ended up her doing a contested roll against my attack roll, which worked. The back up plan for goiing to the Maw to get rid of the fighters did not work as I rolled a natural 1, which caused some hilairity. Note to self: have more space battles.

Highlights from Nar Shadda:

This is still on-going BTW

  • The party deciding to split (GM’s horror!)  so one could go to the cantina and the other two going to see the Hutt. This lasted about thirty seconds as you had to go to the cantina in order to talk to the Hutt, which they quickly realised.
  • The Smart Guy getting out a gun in the cantina on Nar Shaddaa to make a negotiation, which lead to the Real Man telling him to putaway his b. An aversion of both tropes.
  • Action Girl mentioning the fact that they had spice on the ship in the same cantina, forcing th Real Man to put his hand over her mouth as it would be a bad thing tohave it known on Nar Shaddaa that there is spice on your ship.

They are still there, about to have a fight scene which they tactfully agreed to end the gaming session on as the Roleplayer had to leave early.

And that is where we left it for the week, I learned quite a bit to improve on for next session and there were some new experiences, like mass combat. Maybe I will habe a note on my screen next time for the combat order so everyone will know.  Also, I am starting to plan the next adventure which will have greater choicdes for at the end. Theone after that will totally depend on the outcome of this one.

It’s fun to leave things hanging, a little.

P.S. The  title for this entry comes from a quote from the Real Man, which is totally how I felt when I did the battle fir the first time with more than one player.


~ by katanageldar on May 18, 2009.

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