Nar Shaddaa is frightening in the dark…



Nar Shaddaa is frightening in the dark.
All the encounters running wild
Someone stole the maps from the GM
I admit it’s kinda eerie
But this proves my half-arsed theory
And I think that I’ll be coming back again!
Oh no!

From a players perspective, Nar Shaddaa is the ultimate hive of scum and villiany.  While you can pick up illegal weapons a lot easier as there’s no law enforcement, it’s also easy for thugs to beat you up because they don’t like the way you smell as theirs no law enforcement. Imagine your average Lawful Good character on Nar Shaddaa, no wonder this game doesn’t have alignment.

I have recently discovered how useful such a planet can be to a GM, and its entirely within canon. The planet, or rather the moon, is divided completely into sectors. It’s not too much of a stretch to fanon in your own sector with it’s own Hutt, spaceport and prolific supply of cantinas. Also, if KOTOR 2 told us anything about Nar Shaddaa, you can limit where the players go within a particular sector or if they have to travel to another. One way around this is saying that you can’t use a starship like an airspeeder and the only transport they have is a speeder bus.

Yes, put them on a bus and get them exactly where they want to go. Yet it escapes me how I’m going to go further with taking the players to planets as I want to get them to some of the ones in the film, like Coruscant.

P.S. If everything goes to plan, or at least how I predict it, the current adventure should be over by tomorrow tops. So then it’s on to the next which I am currently writing.

And yes, those lines were taken the lyrics from Weird Al’s song Jurassic Park.


~ by katanageldar on May 22, 2009.

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