As a result of the collision, the guards on this level are aroused

As you may or may not be aware, Saturday is gaming day for me and when I come back home with a whole bunch of new experiences as well as the growing conviction that I should have started doing this earlier. It’s not just because I love Star Wars, but there’s actually the growing conviction that I’m doing something other than simply wasting time with my friends. People of my generation and younger are accused of not using their imagination much these days, perhaps role-playing is the answer.

And not just imagination but creativity.  You think that you have the solution worked out for the players, only that it’s in pieces for them to assemble, and then they still surprise you.

This brings me to Saturday’s session, which as I said in an earlier post I was giving players a little more freedom. I gave them the problem and certain conditions, gave them tools and information and then asked them to plan the solution. This went as follows:

The Problem: Their target, Renwar Odoph, is imprisoned in the Security Tower in Cloud City on Bespin. The operation needs to be done as quietly as possible as there is a Jedi Master with a thousand clonetroopers in the city as well.

The Information: Through a Computer check, they were able to get maps of the tower as well as find out where their target was located in the building. Finding a rather disgruntled Wing Guard informed them about the guards in the facility (namely to put the dots on my full map onto ththe players partial maps). And further investigation led to th players learning of a waste duct that finished under the building, but was only open from the inside of the tower.

Tools: The players were able to rent a land or airspeeder as well as purchase a droid. This was in addition to the usual equipment shops that I put in my cities. Also, at the time the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament (the same one twenty years later Han Solo was to win the Falcon from Lando) was taking place. A big event to keep the authorities nice and busy.

Now, I thought that the players would do was to stage an event similar to a bank robbery, at least this is what I would have done. One player drives the getaway car, perhaps sitting watching the sabacc tournament while the rest do the deed, then driving down to the Tower and they all pile in with the target.

This is what I expected.

Instead, the players came up with a creative if not very well-thought-out plan. They got the droid, they got the speeder. First attempted to take the droid up the waste shaft (I shouldn’t have reminded them that the door only opened on the inside). And then, proceeded to crash the speeder into the tower as a distraction for the other players to carry out the plan.

Then there was a slight hitch. The roll against damage in the collison failed, so I ruled that the player was tossed out of the speeder and knocked unconcious, then later taken away to hospital while the rest of the party was still inside the building.

Really, the plot went on speed from there, which I realised was a big mistake. The hospital idea was actually quite good, in retrospect. Maybe the player would be guarded, as it is obvious she was somehow involved in the break in and the players need to rescue her from the room.

I really need to stop using my story as a crutch, I don’t want to be a Railroading GM and it looks as if it’s going that way. So, to remedy that I am being a little more daring for the next session.  It’s going to be a marathon session next time, with one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I know three out of the four players will be at the afternoon session but not  at the morning.

The players don’t know it yet, but in the morning I’m going to go off the rails.

Hopefully, the Force is with me. And if not, there’s always Rule Zero.


~ by katanageldar on June 5, 2009.

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