Faster, more intense

I know, I’ve been slack. But since the last adventure ended after the marathon two sessions I’ve been planning. Or rather, not planning. As I have found the more plans that I have the more I tend to railroad. There seems to be some sort of balance between having a story and depending too much on it to in order to stay a certain number of steps ahead of them.

But that’s a story for another day, I will write another entry before the next session about thse things. But not now.



I have  said it before but I will say it again: space battles are awesome! I think playing has made all of the group, not just me,  bigger Star Wars fans. The best part is, it’s all in our minds! And they say we don’t use enough imagination these days thanks to TV, movies and computer games. I think these actually add  to it, and then we just embroider details onto it.

But I am waaaaay off the top here. Back to the story…

So, the players blasted out of Bespin and managed to wipe out three Delta-Aethersprite starfighters of CL 10 where they are comparatively CL 6. The difference is in the shields which pretty much eliminate any damage below 40, or so I think. (I’ll have to check the rules again before Saturday.)

Things went a little off the rails there as I got a call from one of my players (Action Girl, if you’ve been following) and that she could only turn up in the afternoon. It seemed a little unfair to finish the story without her, so they took a sidetrip that ended up relating to the story retroactively.

There were some fun moments in that sidetrip and I learned a lot about planning (basically how not to).  We had a Monty Python quote (by me, of all people) and a few amusing experiement with accents. There was also a random encounter with a spiny-tailed beast (that I made up on the spot), that ended with one player missing, the other knocked out for a round and the little kid, who I had planned to have left on Bespin, rolling a Natural 20 and killing it in one hit.

It was actually a part of a Fetch Quest (without the Event Flag) of getting a kid who had been kidnapped by an evil assistant evil cleric Dark Jedi. It was while waiting out a sand storm they were able to find out that the recurring villian did in fact have the NPC Jedi (Wu-Wei) that they had encountered at the beginning of the story captive.

This also tied in nicely to the afternoon session. Where I also had everyone but the continual no-show (the Real Man) as well as two guest players who I am not sure if they had a good time or not. But the afternoon session was where I knew I had to pull out all the stops. This was the time I had to use the earth-shattering kaboom.

I am going to do a bit more about space battles, but I learned a lot about using them as a backdrop for the encounter. George was right, it needs speed, speed and MORE speed! The actual encounters on grid paper slowed things down, and I found it was far easier just to set a DC, which could be coupled with a Pilot check if the gunners missed. Explosions, avoid friendly and enemy fire. Cue epic music.

This is why I love Star Wars.

The big thing though was I couldn’t plan the next adventure as it depended on the outcome of this one. I needed to know if the players would be willing to help the Republic. They were, and I feel a little bad about my unused ending.  Though I guess I would feel the same way if they decided to cut and run.

So, at the end of the story, the players are now privateers and there will be more adventures in the next exciting episode. They’re going to Tatooine.

Stay tuned.


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