There’s planning, and there’s planning

The Bespin Railroad, as I am now calling it, left me to reconsider the way I plan adventures. So I am going to completely the other extreme: minimal plans. Last time my plans took up 22 pages, this time it’s just two pages. Yet I admit there was a lot in those 22 pages that was valuable, like the random encounter tables which I am going to use again.

This adventure was just meant for one session, a little fun after the tenacity of the space battle. But, it was a little bit more than that, as it was a set up for the next two weeks, after which there will be a break while I am away. In my opinion, the planning for this week was nowhere near as important as for the next two weeks, as I really want to make a “Wow!” in terms of storytelling.

I have several irons in the fire, one of them is the fact that one player (the Neimoidian) will be leaving the group (the country, for that matter) for the better part of two months. I asked how he wanted his character to leave the story, if he wanted just a departure or a death. He chose death.

Another is the fact that at the end of last session, one of the player’s characters was kidnapped by the big bad. She will be playing another character for one session while her own character is “away”.

There’s a third iron, that I have only told a few people yet and I am not revealing until it is done. It’s perhaps the biggest gamble I have made to date, here’s hoping it works.

In other news, the number of players has risen to five, which is good as last week there were only three. One player missed two sessions, and got properly punished by being yelled at in-character and having the embarrassment of being left behind on Bespin and not knowing where the party will be going next.

The other player is fairly new to role playing, he used a pre-made character I had on hand and I made up another for him—which I had to change the species for as he decided against Duros and wanted to be a Gungan instead.

As a result of this, I have made a decision: I am no longer being the rules babysitter for my players. I am taking it on myself to create a makeshift players manual, and giving it to them to study over the break in gaming. Hoping it means better role playing, as all they do at the moment in combat is point and shoot, and not to mention faster play as play is stalled by, of all things, adding up. And ship-board guns have their own brand of evil due to the multipliers.

Last bit of news, the new player has offered to host the game at his place, which means no more library! Finally, we can make as much noise as we feel we need to without the fear that we are being too loud. And I am also going to be using music to have atmosphere, but perhaps not for battle scenes just yet.


~ by katanageldar on June 21, 2009.

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