Now with glorious sound!

Well, you heard last week that the group has finally got a place to play. So, I’m able to go out on all the stops with my sessions. We don’t have to worry about being quiet, and I can add a few little somethings to add to the fact that this is Star Wars.

For starters…

How better to start a gaming session than with the 20th Century Fox Fanfare? It’s loud and lets the players know that I am ready to begin and they better put on their “gaming faces”. And since I usually do a pre-game growl, it’s better than telling them the game is beginning.

And Star Wars would not be Star Wars without the magic of John Williams. I did say earlier that I found it annoying in battle scenes, but I’ve grown accustomed to it and the music has given me a few ideas for later sessions.

The last way I have used sound was for sound effects. Picture this: you are in a cantina in a city crowded with refugees and you’re getting much needed adventure-related information from a spacer, and suddenly you hear…an air raid siren.

After going to a WWII party with an air raid where I had to duck under the table after stealing a painting, I thought there was no better way to illustrate a war situation than to have an air raid. Unless you can get hit by a bomb or buried under rubble, they can be damn annoying in-character. Out-of-character, they can be rather fun. (No disrespect to those who have been in air raids BTW)

But now I am writing the last adventure for the campaign before I make my trip to Sydney. I’m going for the big finish, and I’m not quite sure how to get there yet. And FTR, that gamble I am making with one of my players is working much, much better than expected.

So don’t text me until I finish writing the campaign!


~ by katanageldar on June 27, 2009.

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