What’s good for the dragon is good for the…droid?

Firstly, apologies to my players. I haven’t been neglecting you, but I haven’t been spending as much time on the campaign as I should have for the simple reason I have gotten involved in an online Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Campaign. But the array of assistance provided to players and DMs, even official stuff is rather disheartening compared to what else is provided for a different gaming system from the same company.

I talked about this earlier on, but now I am ready to go into more or less auto-rant in the materials that I have found since then. As it’s rather disheartening.

The Little Rule Book

One of the things that I wanted, and I still do by the way, was some sort of facsimile edition of the Core Rulebook that I could hand out to players so I would not be the only one at the table with a book. They have that for D&D. For free. And perfectly legal! I downloaded it, not that I need it as I have my own Player’s Handbook, but just to see if it was the sort of thing that I’d want the Star Wars equivalent of.

It was. It starts assuming that the reader knows nothing absolutely about roleplaying in general, goes into combat, skills and modifers. Yet hardly anything on character creation. But, this is soon remedied.

Pretty Little Program

My experience of D&D, apart from the cobbled together game that I did with a friend just for fun, is just on character creation. And I can tell you, it’s much more difficult than Star Wars Saga, due to the way Powers/Exploits are orginiased, what can be used when and what a character knows but cannot use!

This is the third character I have created in D&D, but it has taken as long, if not longer, than the others. Though Wizards may be more difficult than combat oriented characters, kinda like how you spend more time on a Jedi or Sith Lord than on a soldier in Star Wars.

Then I came across this little program on the Wizards site. And I had a character in about ten minutes, the usual time it takes me to roll up a Star Wars character.

Now, if I had these two powerful tools at my disposal when I started, I not only would have understood  more about the machanics of the game but I would have a much easier time with my players. Is it too much to ask for?

Now, if you don’t mind, I need to hone my firespells before I get behind the screen on saturday. Too bad I can’t bring them with me.


~ by katanageldar on September 3, 2009.

One Response to “What’s good for the dragon is good for the…droid?”

  1. […] They serve another purpose. To many, roleplaying games are a fairly new concept and the quick maths of the mechanics of the game are quite enough to get your head around without jumping through the hoops of character creation. This isn’t D&D, sourcebooks for the Star Wars Saga edition are rather more expensive ($80AU for Star Wars as opposed to $50AU for the Player’s Handbook) and if the GM is the only one who owns one, she’s not exactly willing to lend you hers, is she? And there’s not even the funky Character Builder that I can handout legally to my players, but I addressed this in a previous post. […]

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