Twin game drive

Why is it that when you manage to get something organised to replace the thing that went wrong that the first thing sorts itself out?

Erm, I’m not sure if I got that myself. But as you may or may not be aware, the game that I GM has been in a state of hiatus for around two months, probably more. I was playing a few online games, but it’s not the same thing as running your own.

And then I somehow managed to be convinced to GM a Star Wars Dark Times-era campaign. And unlike my other campiagn, I can actually link to it and you can see for yourself how it goes. It still has not gotten off the ground yet, I have yet to wait for the opening posts. However, I will be maintaining the same level of secrecy on this blog that I do for my real time players. There is nothing that I will reveal on here that I do not want my players to know to begin with.

As for the real time players, I finally managed the impossible. I managed to find a venue for gaming as well as a time that suited everyone. And I managed to find another player, as we were down to two and I prefer four. We play Friday night and there will be pizza.

So last night, knowing I had the two definite things that I needed, I sat down with my GM’s folder, notes, maps and books and determined what I had been putting off for so long: how the campaign is going to end and how my players can have a hand in determining it.

Yes, you read right there, and I don’t have to repeat it.

I am hoping to get three sessions in before I go up to Sydney. And this time, I am going to post when I am up there as i will have a few encounters with dragons!


~ by katanageldar on December 2, 2009.

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