Encounters in Sydney

So, having left my +1 sword behind, I entered the lair of beats to encounter the green dragon with the tools at my disposal.

Too bad I don’t own Draconomicon or at least a Monster Manual.

So yes, here I am in Sydney and having a few encounters with the larger world of gaming. Meaning actual gaming shops, something that is severely lacking where this Level 1 GM resides.

It’s a mixed blessing really. I go to Games Workshop on Pitt Street for my dice, as the have a very, very impressive collection but keep getting cut off mid conversation by their manager, telling her staff to get things when obviously we are still talking.

For the record, she is rather abrupt to me as well, so I only go there for the dice. And…certain presents, (Hint! Hint!)

There’s The Tin Soldier on York Street, right down from Galaxy Bookshop which has just as much books as Games Workshop, as well as hundreds and hundreds of miniatures they have. But it is mostly wargaming there.

Finally, there’s Good Games which has a comparatively small range compared to the other two. The only Star Wars stuff they sell there are miniatures. However, it was through these people that I managed to get to an actual group. The game is Star Wars Saga, it begins tomorrow. There’s only one problem….it’s in Burwood.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stay for the whole game tomorrow, as I am understandably somewhat hesitant on getting lifts from people I have not really met. However, this will give me the chance to do something that I have rarely done: watch an experienced Game Master run a campaign.

By the way, the exhibit on Mythic Creatures is worth seeing as well as free. Too bad you can’t actually ride the unicorn though. 


~ by katanageldar on December 21, 2009.

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