Gaming and the Expanded Universe (Part 4): Into the Future

As I write this on January 7, there are two rules supplements that have yet to be published and to date Wizards have made no further announcements on any more subsequent material. I hope they do, as both of those books are supplements, not era campaign guides, and it has me wondering and more than a little worried.

For all the new ground that Wizards have covered with Saga Edition, there’s a great big gaping hole in what they have not covered: the New Republic Era. Now, I understand that this era has been done to death to the point where even the bones are beginning to rot, beginning right in the WEG days. However, there is new content here with the second half of the New Jedi Order series not covered by Wizards in the previous edition. There’s also the content since then, such as JINO”s Bug War, sorry the Dark Nest Crisis and the so-called Second Galactic Civil War. There might be a bit of hesitancy in covering this time as new content in the form of the Fate of the Jedi series of novels is still coming out and it is a little easier to cover things that have been out for a while rather than what’s current (with the possible exception of the Clone Wars) but there’s no excuse for say, a New Republic era campaign guide that covers from the fall of the Empire on Endor right up until the end of the resolvement of the Outbound Flight Project right on the edge of the NJO era, and then another book to cover the period of the Yuuzhan Vong War.

You wouldn’t even have to go to the latter end of the EU, I would like to see an Old Republic campaign guide that bridges the gap between KOTOR and Clone Wars, and with the interest that lead to the Darth Bane novels I don’t see there’s any reason for it not to happen.

There’s also the as yet unknown live action TV series that will be coming out sometime this year or next if we’re lucky. All that we know at this stage is that it is going to be set in the Dark Times era…which is going to do a few funny things with the already set up Dark Times content as George is behind it.

And then there’s the Star Wars: The Old Republic game, which could have some impact but might not. To be honest I have no idea how much influence it would have, if any at all, and one would have to judge how much influence Star Wars Galaxies had.

Perhaps even these could be covered by a future edition, which I don’t see coming up anytime soon given the way Wizards just announced a whole new slew of content for D&D 4E.

All in all, I am still waiting for Wizards new catalogue when it comes out later this year.

P.S. Galaxy of Intrigue is one of the books that I will be getting and reviewing on here once I do get it, as I am interested in it’s take on skill challenges.


~ by katanageldar on January 10, 2010.

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