One jump ahead

It’s taken a few weeks, but my online campaign is finally going somewhere. I’m also starting to get the hang of GMing online. One of the keys to a good game, and many other things, is momenum. The trick with online gaming, as I have found out, is to balance the momentum with your information. Give them enough information to get to the next point on their own, but not so much that you are holding their hand along the way.

Here is what my group has done so far: gotten off the shuttle and into the base, met each other and had their briefing on the misison. And that took the better part of three weeks. If I had been a little more forthcoming in information in the beginning as I am now, it’s possible they would be a little further along, but only possible.

Compare these two scenes, I had my female commander (mistaken for male by one of the players), tlak a bit to the characters as they arrived and then left for them to get acquainted, and I full expected them (even told them) to roleplay their way to wherever they were supposed to go (such as their ship) until the next part of the story started.

Take a look here and track the dates.

I over estimated them, and in the end decided to intervene just to get things moving again. And here is where I made a better decision:

Sergeant Hirry’s comlink is sounding.


Just to speed things up, when you answer it it’s Commander Ardanna.

I have made contact with Alliance command, they are ready to start your briefing.

It’s here that I established the difference in the rate of information. Before I was using the methods I was used to at the table, clearly there is a difference needed here that I have to continue on.

We’re still at the beginning, though the PCs have their mission I am going to talk about what they will actually be doing when I am a little further along and have revealed more. It will involve characters and places that I have used in campaigns before, though.

Perhaps by this time next week the PCs will be on their ship, but I’m not holding my breath.


~ by katanageldar on February 1, 2010.

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