A new decade really begins for some more gaming

Well, it’s after Australia Day and pretty much the end of the silly season where you run into so many public holidays. And this week, I knew that it was time to get off my backside in terms of sorting out my real time gaming group/

Remember where we left off? I had one solitary player but a good place to game that was convenient and accessible. Now, I still have the place but no players.

Online gaming is going well, but it’s an extremely poor subsitute, so I’ve put out several notes to various connections to see if I could get anywhere without advertising. The problem is, if everyone says “Yes” I will have a total of seven players, which is a lot more than I am comfortable handling. I am not expecting them all to come.

The new year has brought new worries, as the old time we used to play (Saturday nights) is now not so viable for my one committed player, so back to the old running around again. I hate my life.

And then, there’s the big battle that I still have to organise for my players, and I have been avoiding it for months. I’m currently torn between going ahead and doing it, and waiting for new developments from my new players so I can integrate them.

At the very least, I need to get down my GM’s folder and dust it off.


~ by katanageldar on February 4, 2010.

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