Requiem for a Jedi Master

It was an emotional night, Sunday night. We finished the campaign, toasted the end of the Republic, saw the untimely death of a boss…and I almost cried when my favourite Jedi died.

Yes, you heard me correctly, Master Wu-Wei Kevar, my favourite NPC and among the first characters I created in this game, is dead. And what makes it sting is that it is the result of a player’s apathy. I did not want to kill him, but knew a Deus Ex Machina to save him would have been wrong.

I will address this sort of thing another day, how it is necessary to kill favourite NPCs, but not now as tonight you guys get the campaign write-up.

Planning the End

So, once I had secured my players (only two but better than one) and my venue, I had to get my GM’s folder and books down from their dusty shelf in my wardrobe and sit down and resolve how to end the campaign. Yet I fortunately had a few things in motion at the time, as well as a few ideas about how to end this battle. Just not in the huge setpiece way that I wanted to in the first place.

So, you want to know how much time I spent planning the ending of a campaign that we have been playing since September last year? Half an hour at the most. I had a page of notes to take with me that night along with maps and stat blocks.

True, I had spent a bit of time with the new player, working up his character sheets with the Excel spreadsheet program and sending it to him, but that was it. It’s a lot easier to continue a campaign in motion, even end one, than it is to start a new one.

But that’s just stating the obvious.

I did go into this with the full intention of ending the campaign that night, without dragging it on. It was time to end the game.

Playing the End

I had to run around after keys on Saturday, in the middle of very hot weather after I had been to the beach, but on Sunday we were all ready and rearing to go. But it was a little hard to get back in the chair. The GM’s hat seemed a little hard fitting at first, particularly after questions kept being fired at me and I had to defer them or look things up. It was about an hour before I was into it again.

Which is when we did something completely insane.

I had the clonetroopers in the new players party freefall out of a LAAT/i over my planet and doing a low drop to land. Which, in case you are wondering what the hell that is, is what that Red Shirt did in JJ Abrams Star Trek movie. And yes, I did ask him if it was the same sort of thing.

Then, there was the Obligatory Underwater Adventure into the water processing plant, the encounter with droids underwater which left a few Lampshades Hanging (even I confessed I did not know how the droids got there). And finally, the best encounter which I completely pulled out of thin air, the droids and the swimming pool reservoir.

This wasn’t the only only thing going on, as my player who has been there from the beginning had a lightsaber fight which ended up being foiled by two natural 20s in a row. I don’t think a GM has ever been so unlucky.

And just in case you suspected it, I will confirm it now. The entire night consisted of a split party, despite many arguments to the opposite. One day I will go into my methods for splitting the party, as I have done it a few times.

Ending it All

So, I was at the virtual climax. I had gotten my players where I wanted them to be to pull out my ending sequence. I hated to do it, but I had no choice. The entire campaign had been building towards this point, and I had promised it.

Pity it had to happen, though.

And it was a strange feeling, as Wu-Wei, one of the Good Guys suddenly became one of the Bad Guys. And this occurred purely as a result of an event exterior to the game.Is there an equivalent else where? I would like to know.

I tried to save him by having Wu-Wei escape in a cloud of dust and smoke and leave his lightsaber behind. But the players were relentless, drat them! They ordered the port closed as they had not yet found Wu-Wei’s body.

Then, I had Wu-Wei make a last ditch attempt. He approached one of the players, practically begging her for help. He was then spotted and tried to hide, but my player pointed him out to the troops.

Honestly, I thought about giving her another dark side point to go with the one I gave her when she used a helpless enemy as a human shield. And so, on that note withmy favourite Jedi dead and the battle won, I ended the campaign.

But I still want him back!


~ by katanageldar on February 26, 2010.

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