“Let’s drop down a hole and circumnavigate the forest”

So here it is, as promised, though part of a double dose as my computer went out the other night when posting the pre-game write-up. There are so many things that happened that I am making a list.

Quick Run-Through

  • The Sorceress, who we all joked was ‘squishy’, critting twice in a row on successive turns and getting the only two kills of the night (but more on that later).
  • Me failing dismally at the Elvish song I was supposed to sing or chant, where I had the party accompany me by drumming on the table with a rollicking pace. The skintflint bartender did not give us free board and drinks for our effort.
  • The Rogue rolling to see if he could steal the skinflint bartender’s pants while he was wearing them and rolling a 20. Then using the same pants to burn down the inn.
  • The Monty Python quotes, usually banned from out game sessions, that got to the point of an Overly Long Gag.
  • The Dwarf Paladin, realising he could not “Touch himself to heal himself.”
  • The treachery of the Half-Human Elf which was all part of the campaign anyway.
  • The Werebear, that everyone ran from except for me and the Paladin.
  • My portable hotel which is the ritual Create Campsite.

More Detailed Stuff

I don’t think I have let on yet exactly where we game. This is it. We’re in the library of a church, but the doors look as if they belong to a real dungeon.

They are very nice about us playing there despite the fact that none of us attend that church. They don’t have services at night, which works out for us, though if we game there Fridays (as we have in the past) we hear their choir practise.

The only bad thing is that the building does not have a readily accessible toilet.

And the irony of playing D&D in a church is not completely lost on us.

There are also seven players, not including the DM. Which means the Launceston Roleplaying Club, as someone has decided to call it, and some are going to stay around for Star Wars.

Oh, and one of the new players is in fact a returned one. He knows who he is.

 First Encounters

I am going to address this in a further post in more detail, but it needs to be said that the first encounter for a party is usually the longest and the most interesting. Even Roy Greenhilt discovered this. The party tends to do their own thing, rushing off into different corners of the room and not taking advantage of each others skills or even doing something simple like flanking.

So I said this to the group, that we had to work together and take advantage of our own different abilties.  Some of us were melee, some of us were ranged, and some of us were a combination of both. And it would have gone well if but for the fact that we had four bugs to fight, or two until the other two ran off.

I know the DM is reading this, and I did like the campaign, but I would have liked some more encounters. We were in a dungeon, is it too hard to ask for a few kobolds or skeletons? I did like the puzzles and riddles, and the snatches of story that we managed to flesh out, but…more kills, loot and xp? Geez, one session away form the screen and I sound like a munchkin already.


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