The adventure between times

(This post is late because I realised just now it wasn’t posted, so you get a double-dose for the weekend.)

Well, by this time tomorrow afternoon my number of sessions of D&D I would have played will have gone up to two. You heard me right, I am playing for once, taking some time out of the chair while I do the next Star Wars campaign. And while I’m out, someone else is stepping in to run D&D for a few weeks.

So, I’m not the DM, why the hell do I feel like I am?

Barring preparing the campaign, I have done the sort of things I would usually do if I was running one. Which is:

  • Booking and paying for the venue we use.
  • Buying glasses, plates, serviettes and some of the drinks.
  • Sending out the character sheet builder and vetting character sheets before sending them on to the DM.
  • Recruiting players and managing players who want to bring in friends.
  • Picking up the key before the night and having the duties of locking up and leaving the key when we’re done.

I guess this is because I do usually do these things and people have gotten used to them.

But I am looking forward to it, playing is relaxing compared to GMing as my brain has to be in one place rather than five places. All I have to do will worry about the new players, which is practically everyone.


~ by katanageldar on March 14, 2010.

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