What happens on Corellia…

It was going to be just the Star Wars Dungeon, a quick adventure to let everyone to get into the habit of dice-rolling and encounters.

But we didn’t go there, instead we went to Corellia.

And I think it was more fun this way, and I managed to plant a few seeds into the minds of my players. Whether they will go into anything is anyone’s guess, and they may or may not be right about their guesses.

But basically, the entire session was to get the players on the boat so that I could start the adventure properly with my campaign opener.

And no, I am not telling you what that is. Yet.

But we did get up to a few high-jinks involving quite a few rowdy tables, as well as the rivalry between CorSec and the stormtroopers that, I am sorry to say, never really took off.It was merely an excuse to have a cantina brawl.

Still, it has given people a few things to think about, such as the maybe-Jedi and the mysterious woman he was talking to. And all this, I may add, was done almost on the fly. I think I had about ten lines of notes and the core book open in front of me.

Improvisation adventures, I should do these more often. But then I forget things.


~ by katanageldar on March 23, 2010.

One Response to “What happens on Corellia…”

  1. […] The second ally is not really resourceful, but he is certainly a resource. It’s that little Twi’lek kid that was a throwaway NPC to add colour and some how graduated to a favourite character. He’s been on a bus ever since the Clone Wars, living with the father of one of the characters. This not only meant a trip to Corellia to see him, but a trip to another place so that the Imperials would not notice that they had arrived. Rather fitting as they’re not only on the run from the Empire, there’s also what happened last time they were there. […]

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