The best and largest solution

Well, we finally managed to come to some sort of decision with the gaming group about our large numbers. Truth be told, with around twelve people we are more of a club and less a group now.

The fact is, as other people have commented, we needed to reduce the numbers of the group to make it much more manageable. There is a reason why the Dungeon Masters Guide tables only go up to six players. The problem with this, people have complained, is that if we split the groups up there is less interaction between them.

So I proposed something that would change the face of the group and the way we play Dungeons & Dragons: that we create our own campaign setting, a living setting that would be changed by us and that players could change groups between adventures. Yes, I was thinking of Living Forgotten Realms when I thought of this, but I’m already part of a living setting in the campaign I am part of on Enworld.

It’s not that difficult, just a rather big task. And with a big group we can assign corners to create, providing we have a viable platform in which to collate these ideas.

The only problem with this is, I think I am the only one in the group so far familiar with Wiki-style coding. And while it is so simple a child of ten could learn how to do it, there are conventions that I know of that the other contributors simply are not following. Like categories, and templates.

So really, in an attempt to keep the group more cohesive, I have managed to create even more work for myself! But is is such fun to world-build, something I will have to address later on.


~ by katanageldar on April 1, 2010.

3 Responses to “The best and largest solution”

  1. Have you considered using Obsidian Portal? It’s not that difficult for the members of the group to learn how to use the coding conventions to create links, to create NPCs, etc. They’ve recently added the possibility of co-GMs, so that the multiple GMs in your group can help coordinate the Super Top Sekrit GM-Only Info.

    • Yes, I am registered on there but it is a little easier with Wikia. I probably should have stuck with Obsidian anyway, but oh well.

  2. I’ll be honest, I don’t know Wiki from anything. However, whether it’s a Wiki, a blog, or even a free forum, I love the concept of being able to run multiple campaigns in the same world, being able to affect things that the second party can handle. I might also suggest that you look into an alternative private wiki and other colab account, like offers, to allow for faster communication between parties without the danger of public vandalism.

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