What kind of year has it been

 Perhaps since my introduction to computers in the late 80’s I’ve been into gaming, and it hasn’t lessened since. I was into computer games before I was into anything, and that includes Star Wars which I was only a fan of in my last years of high-school, incidentally the same year Attack of the Clone[s] came out. But I’ve been aware of tabletop gaming, but who hasn’t? It’s in pop culture, even if all most people are aware of are the post-adolescent males who spend a lot of time in smelly basements. One of my friends is a long time DM, but it was the webcomic Darths and Droids that convinced me to go down to a large bookstore that sells gaming equipment (no game store where I live, guys) and pick up the Star Wars Role Playing Game Saga Edition as well as a set of tiles, gaming dice, counters and two A3 pads of graph paper. God gaming is expensive! It’s no wonder the sterotypical RPer has no social life, he can’t afford one!

This was my first post, made over a year ago now soon after I purchased the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition Core Book. It started with just me and a friend playing and the group has expanded since. In this post I’ll take a look back as to how far I have come with roleplaying and the group, now more of a club.

The Setting Issues

We started with Star Wars, which we are still continuing, but more recently since the club has grown we’ve added other settings. Not just Dungeons & Dragons 4E, but a few people are working on mastering the Serenity roleplaying game.

Not everyone is rapt in all the systems, by the way. I rather dislike Serenity and there’s someone who isn’t that mad on Star Wars.

Related to this is the campaign world we are collaborating on for D&D, the Realm of Excardil, the Wikia for this is linked from this blog. This more or less gets bigger when we get around to it, though I usually get stuck on the housekeeping tasks on the Wikia.

Gaming Issues

In the twelve months since my last post I have managed to learn not just one, but two systems. It’s not that much of an accomplishment as Star Wars and 4E are more or less complimentary. I have done several campaigns, some long and one that was put on ice and changed settings within Star Wars. I have also done a small amount of homebrew with my races on Cerulea, which is likely to continue.

Perhaps one of the most important things is that it’s easy to put on my “GM’s hat” and think in in gaming and mechanics terms. Particularly when players put forward ideas to me about their characters and I have to put them in with my own plans for the game

Expanding the Game

Well, we started with two and now there’s about ten of us, with the possibility of more people. To the point where we need to seek a bigger venue than the Pilgrim Uniting Church, despite the fact that it is a rather nice place to play. We also have more than one person who is willing to DM, which is great for not only when I want to take a break from the chair and play, but that we are not playing Star Wars every week and it gives me time to prepare.

And on a more personal note, I have explored online gaming and have had varying degrees of success. The Enworld one is still the longest going.

One more thing that I can say on behalf of all the group is that we have all met more people. Twelve months ago, hell, even four months ago most of us didn’t know each other. And most of the recruiting has actually been done though Dark Ages Emporium, a shop which sells Middle Ages regalia and is now about to close it’s doors.

All in all, I had no idea this time last year I would be in this position, to have a small club that has the opportunity to grow.

And I still am and remain, the Level 1 GM.


~ by katanageldar on April 18, 2010.

2 Responses to “What kind of year has it been”

  1. I suspect you have leveled at some point over the last year. *wink*

    For what it is worth, I have been enjoying reading about your observations and adventures in gaming and look forward to seeing what the next year brings.

  2. I can’t imagine gaming with 10 people. Whew!

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