The adventures of stormtrooper Dave

Sorry about the delay on this, but I’ll try and make it up by trying to make it sound as half as fun as was had on the night. If I succeed in that, it will be good. Now where were we?

The Perks of the New Order

Right, it was not only the first session of the new campaign but the first section the group would encounter the EMPIRE. Like at the end of the last campaign where I wanted to do things and see characters that Iwould not have the chance to do again, here with the Empire up and running (for six months at least) the characters and various other recognisable things of the Classic Era I can get out for the very first time.

This means, of course, and epic opening scene. Which was done.

Then, there were some easy and not so easy mooks to mow down, very recognisable.

And finally, there were the various villains of the era that I had been aching to get out as soon as I could just so I could have the experience of playing as them. And it was fun!

It was a lot of fun just to load stormtroopers onto the party’s starship in a Kill ‘Em All sort of way, until the party got smart and I got bored and then I just gassed them.

Yes, I admit it, I railroaded more than I normally would have in this session. But I felt it rather justified as it was not just the start of a new era, but the start of a new party. Besides, it wasn’t all me forcing the plot…well, not all of the time. And usually when I did do an out-of-game reason why the party should move on, it was to go to another good part, or so I thought.

I just forgot one thing: sooner or later someone rolls a 20. My Dark Jedi got fried, but more on that later.

A Meme is Born

One thing you can always count on in a roleplaying game is the players coming up with surprising and different things to make it more enjoyable.

And this was the case here, with Dave the stormtrooper. What started as a throw-away remark for probably just comedy effect had a life of it’s own. Telling the story of Dave, who banged his head while going through a door, solved a few problems in the game.

It was used on a critical Persuasion check to get past some stormtroopers (and convince them to leave) while half the party (yes, I split it up!) was disabling the tractor beam. And later on, I could also not resist setting up some stormtrooper minatures in a huddle around the prone Dave so the other group could take (and fail) a Stealth check to get back onto the ship.

It was a lot more fun and a lot less serious than my last campaign, which what the Classic Era is about, at times. Look at A New Hope, compared to the dark predecessor in the chronological viewing of the Star Wars Saga, it’s downright swashbuckling.

(On a completely unrelated not, I suggest you watch them both back to back. Revenge of the Sith followed by A New Hope, it’s rather strange)

The Things a GM is Never Prepared

My Dark Jedi Inquisitor Sarsur is still meant to be the long-running villain in this campaign, despite the fact that he was fried by the player who came late to the game. I know my players read this, but Sarsur is still alive. Though I would say the better part of his face, neck and shoulders is burned by that blaster fire that he suffered in the Epic Awesome Wonderful Last Encounter.

And on that last encounter, it didn’t all go according to plan. One of the players (the same who coined Dave the Stormtrooper) wanted to play a new character so the old one bowed out, in a moment of sacrifice that was meant to be akin to A New Hope (and even had the same music).  Problem was that the players would not get on the boat.

So I did something that I rarely do in the game: I left the table. I left the table to get a minature that I know was there so I could show the players that I meant business.

Yeah, they thought so too. When you get Vader out, with a full squad of 501st stormtroopers, it’s time to go.

Too bad the encounter that I was planning on being good for the ending part was over far too quickly. Four TIE fighters pursuing a fleeing YT-1300.

Sounds epic, but despite the fact that these prototype TIESs can fly sixteen squares compared to the YT’s six, they managed to out run the buggers and clear to hyperspace.

Ending it All

Looking back, despite the fact that I forgot a few things (like the fact the star destroyer was attacking a planet), there are quite a number of plot hooks that I can use to motivate the players in later games. There’s the fugative Jedi, a character who is willing to betray their own species, as well as the fact that the group now has the lightsaber of a certain Imperial Inquisitor.

No clues here, just enjoy the game.


~ by katanageldar on April 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “The adventures of stormtrooper Dave”

  1. I gotta say, post-meltdown [sorry guys], this was the most fun RP session I have had in…well, a bloody long time. There was action, there was comedy, there were AHA I HAVE YOU NOW and AW CRIKEY WE’RE DOOMED moments, and somehow through it all I found myself swept away into this claustrophobic world of corridors, mouse droids and the stormtroopers we just KNEW were around every corner.

    And Trooper Dave. When I get two natural 20’s in a row, people get Dave. ;D Yes, I’m the one who concocted that little gem, but there were also classic moments from the others. From our infiltrator fixing a song for his stealth vent-crawl.

    “I’m in a vent,
    I’m in a vent,
    Nobody can see me, cuz I’m crawlin in a vent.
    [I’m inna vent]
    I’m in a vent,
    I’m in a vent,
    Don’t you bloody dare look, at the ************* vent!”

    To the aforementioned late-comer pulling off a shot that not only surprised us all by hitting at impossible odds, but taking down the dark jedi that had us crapping bricks all through the battle.

    It was fun, and I eagerly look forward to the next one, and unveiling my new Ridiculously Overpowered Character ;D

    So *salutes* thanks! I’d say you’re at least a level 2 GM now.

  2. Sounds like a great first game.

    Nice of the characters to make sure the Inquisitor would want revenge on them all.

  3. Oh wow, this sounds like so much fun. You have to keep posting your sessions.

  4. […] For the record, my lord which I named Lord Despin (they had to give him a letter which I sealed with wax to stop them reading it) was shortly nicknamed Lord Dustbin. Somehow I think he may get a following similar to Dave the Stormtrooper. […]

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