It’s all revenant

So, in celebration of the birthday of one of the players, we had the game at her house. With food. LOTS of food. Coming out in batches to the point where we stopped the game a few times just to eat. And we had two DMs on the one night.

I would like to go through all the whys and wherefores over what happened, but it was over a week ago now and I haven’t been able to blog since then due to my haphazard Internet connection. So instead, I’d like to reflect a little on playing Dungeons & Dragons in our group.

As you may be aware if you have followed this blog, we started by playing Star Wars which explains why we treat Star Wars a little more seriously than D&D. I see we sort of have to, as with Star Wars we attempt to fall into line with established continuity while giving ourselves enough room to be creative. There’s also a lot of things in Star Wars that are recognisiable without any further explanation. Add to this the fact that there is a set time for when things occur or appear and you need to get your “facts” right. Or at least the big ones.

There’s not only these “facts”, there’s also “science”. Where someone makes an action that is technically outside the mechanics of the game, but is perfectly permissible as it occured in the films or a novel. And it’s it’s the films, it needs to be done, even if not right then.

Conversely for D&D, the various minutae of the universe is very much in the hands of the DM and the players. There is no exterior source that trumps everything…and this is why I think we just have so much fun with it. Particularly now we are creating our own campaign setting.

But setting aside, there is something about a very simple dungeon crawl that is much more relaxing than sorting out stormtroopers and wayward Dark Jedi. And I don’t get to run D&D very often.

I don’t see myself as doing a huge overarching campaign for 4E, the main reason being is that is what I do in Star Wars. So even though it will mean running games in consecutive weeks, I put my hand up to DM tomorrow night when Star Wars had to be cancelled as not everyone could be there. Compared to Star Wars, it’ll be a breeze.

However, someday I want to run the original Tomb of Horrors.


~ by katanageldar on April 30, 2010.

6 Responses to “It’s all revenant”

  1. There’s something liberation about taking a break from your campaign and running a short adventure for a couple weeks. Dungeon crawls are great for that, of course, but if you’re careful about not biting off more than you can chew… you could string a number of adventures together, over time, and have a nice little (defacto) campaign out of it.

    This is how my Plane of Shadows campaign started. I used the old Balefire article from Dragon (?) as a base and threw in a half-dozen encounters inspired by a magic item from one of the 3e source books. It worked so well, we ended up playing in shadows, off and on, for 6 years.

    Whatever happens, I look forward to reading about it.

  2. Best post title ever.

  3. I lost the game.

  4. Amazing horse is amazing. ^_^

  5. Star Wars and D&D – two of my favorites (possibly my only two).


  6. […] of sex and lust…but is just so happened that the two male characters in the party are Undead (Revenants if you recall) and are immune to the effects of her charms. And I could not just have her trying to seduce the […]

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