Up and out

For the first time, I think we really have gotten onto a good path as much as Star Wars is concerned. Most of the campaigns I have run in Star Wars, with the exception of the very first, were started by me. Really, it was a response to what the players wanted (or seemed to want) as well as the general zeitgeist of the time.

This basically means, in the KOTOR era you can get away with lots of Jedi and Sith doing whatever the hell they want, with the Clone Wars you can do large-scale battles…and with the Dark Times you pretty much can’t do anything big without doing a lot of work yourself. The only large-scale military forces out there is the Empire, and they don’t like to share.

This is what I explained to the players when I said that it would be very, very difficult to have a large scale battle. And even when there is a nice convenient army that will let you join, it does take some getting to. Take the Cerulean Campaign, that took the better part of five sessions to get to the battle that never took place the way I wanted it to.

Oh well, I’ll get it someday. But more on topic.

The Things that Catch Up on You

So, the week before last the players arrives as planned on Nar Shaddaa, which is firmly established as one of my favourite planets to take the players to as I pretty much have them where I want them. And you also may recall their other adventures with this mob, where they chose to aid the Republic rather than a crime boss. They witnessed the power of the organisation when the ship was met by guards with guns on landing…but a stray shot from a player-played NPC led into an unscheduled encounter.

I managed to worm my way out of that one and get the game back into a place where I knew where it was going…which was right into an awesome speeder bike chase through the skies of Nar Shaddaa.

That’s the other thing that is catching up on a player. One of the relatively new ones has given me a species-oriented backstory that I threw a spanner into. I tied him into a player who was rather hesitant about stepping into Star Wars and made her his vengeful ex-wife.

I said to her “You seen the Blues Brothers? Well, you can be Carrie Fisher.” And it was her shooting this player that led to the unexpected encounter, even though the guys they were killing were just as surprised by the sniper as the players.

A Waste of Space

Now to resolve one of the storylines left over from the Clone Wars, the Jedi sister of one of the players. She was going to end up in the same place where the player had to go to settle a debt with the crime lord. Nice on convenient, but this is Star Wars and you can economise with coincidences and say it was the Force. Afterall, the two NPCs travelling with the party just happen to be assisting the Jedi sister. Now if that’s not too much of a coincidence, call me a bantha.

This place is also somewhere I have wanted to take the players for a long time, as it’s fascinating. I am speaking of Point Nadir.

Just looking at it in the Scum & Villainy book is temptation enough, but maybe I was too  tempted as I don’t think I gave it what it was due. The players were on a rather tight leash due to plot constraints, and the fact that splitting the party into two is hard enough.

Perhaps even after a year, I still feel like the Level 1 GM.

I’ll say this now, guys, as we’re playing tonight: I will make it up to you but not with Point Nadir as you did cause a little stir last game. There are other hives of scum and villainy in the galaxy, though now I know one of my players is not going to be there, I just can’t tell him what it is and he would know.

Now It’s Getting Interesting

So last week, before the start of a D&D session I was approached by the players with an idea: that they could take over the criminal organisation they used to work for. Now while this is something superbly awesome I can pick up and run with, it requires the sort of long term planning that may lead up to the large-scale encounters they all want to do.

And with the rules for these sort of things outlined in the section on organisations in The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide, I may be able to do it without going insane.

But it will take time. I explained to the players they need to gather allies and intel, as if this sort of coup fails than things can get very bad very fast. But I don’t want them to fail, and once again I may fall the foul of my mail fault as the Level 1 GM: being far too nice.


~ by katanageldar on May 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Up and out”

  1. I’m curious, do you play Saga edition? and if yu do, do you use the space combat cards?

  2. Being a player, I can say yes we play Saga, and no, we don’t use cards.

  3. […] be executed. Most of the very good campaigns that I have run have come out of player ideas. Such as where we currently are in the Star Wars universe as well as my player-run planning with Mr Bond. And how do these come about? Because I am willing to […]

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