Now, where were we?

I first must start this post with massive apologies. You have no doubt been wondering about the lack of posts over the past few weeks and the simple reason is this: work, or Darth Real Life as Star Wars fans call it.

So really, I must start this post with a sort of update as to the state of the group. Later on, I’ll do a few more of my commentary posts as it has been ages since I’ve done those. It’s more or less been game write-ups, but they can be boring for those who were not there.

Online Gaming

This is not going to take long to outline. The only game that is still going and is likely to continue to do so is The Jade Frontier on Enworld. The game is into it’s third year, I think, and we’re just about to start the third thread.

As for the others, not so much though I know I still link to them. Most online RPGs die within a few weeks.

The online one I am running, Theatres of War, has been progressing at the speed of a sleepy snail. And the only reason that it is progressing is my stubborn refusal to not let it die. They’ve finally gotten up to the encounter though, which is a start.

Star Wars Saga

Since making the last post with the Carrie Fisher style sniper attack, I have had one session of Star Wars. This is for the simple reason that as a GM I feel we need a quorum in order to play. We do have a game lined up for this week, though, where I hope to finish the campaign but I don’t think it will happen.

The last session we played, which was at least three weeks ago, possibly more. And it was all roleplaying. That sessions needs a post in it’s own right, and it will get one, I promise. Right now, they’re on their way back to Nar Shaddaa poised to take over the criminal organisation…unless the actions of a certain player win outright.

Dungeons & Dragons

Well, the campaign world is progressing at a speed slightly faster than that of my online campaign, but it has filled it’s purpose. The reason we have a collaborative campaign world is for flexbility, so that anyone in the group that wishes to DM can do so, as long as we establish a very rough chronology of what character did what adventure when.

It also can serve as a ready back up plan when we don’t have enough people to play Star Wars. I know that a lot of people play D&D seriously, but we don’t. We play Star Wars seriously and D&D is more fun.

The only problem is that we get a backlog of unfinished campaigns, as we have at the moment.

I am planning to run a session of The Tomb of Horrors once Wizards publishes it for 4th Edition, though I did have a monentary plan to have people learn ODAD so we could play it in its original Gygaxian form.

Other Things

July is going to be a rather lean month as far as gaming as concerned, as some people have other commitments including me as I am planning a Sydney trip at the end of the month (yeah yeah, I know, I haven’t written up about gaming from the April one, bite me).

I am hoping to play a Firefly session before long though, as the players have started playing that. Without me.

Yeah, I was busy that weekend, and given they were up very late I am sort of glad I was not there. The system is similar to what little I have seen of GURPS, and my character (a companion named Huang Zhen-Li) is almost done. If we can get arround to it.

Aside from this, I am also have some ideas about getting Paranoia as I have heard some rather interesting reports about it. Any thoughts or comments.

Now if you don’t mind, I’ll get on to a little commentary…


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