The Confused Bantha will return…

Well, despite my own doubts, we did finish the campaign. Not as polished as I would have liked it, and definitely several loose ends that need to be tied up. But, it’s done and it can be “ended” again, sadly.

Endings and Planning

I like campaign endings, not just because I like stories and ending them (but not the fact that they end) but it gives me the chance to be George. So, when the ending of this campaign was a little rushed because the encounter went too long (and the players kept getting off track) it was somewhat disappointing. But that was pretty much the state of the entire campaign, a little rushed and done with a few pages of notes.

I’m not saying it was not enjoyable, I just know that as a GM that I can do better than that. And I have, with the ending of the Clone Wars campaigns (Umbara and Cerulea) having a rather filmic quality thanks to the magic of John Williams.

So, this pretty much convinced me to give it a break for a while. We are not playing the Star Wars Saga system again for what will be quite a few months, to get a few unfinished campaigns out of the way as well as the fact that a lot of us are not going to be gaming in July and August. One of the players, for instance, is going to Celebration V in August. He’s a member of the 501st chapter down here and playing Star Wars with him is fantastic.

For instance, it was his idea to resolve the mess the players had gotten into with a few bad rolls by having one of the Jedi-hopeful characters running from one encounter to another, swinging his lightsaber with an insane look in his eyes and screaming “ANAL RAPE!” Yes, we do get that random.

Star Wars is the system where I really can delve into story and character development, which is why I am going to take my time with the next campaign. I will also be shifting the spotlight to other players, as the best way to have a rather good thematic story is to give it a little focus…providing the players give me enough material to focus on.

Some people are actually changing characters, their old ones still in the game (technically) but running the criminal organisation that they took over at the end of the campaign. As everyday running of an organisation doesn’t usually have a lot of action, it makes sense for them to play operatives in the own organisation so they can have battles and raids and things.

When things fall apart…

Speaking of organisations, things have finally come to a head with a player I usually have a bit of trouble with in terms of campaign direction. I was statting up the organisation when he said that he had created rules for his own organisation with him at the top of the tree. I vetoed this, as much as I hated to, for a variety of reasons:

Firstly, I am still learning the rules for how organisations work and the one that I wrote was still a work in progress. Having two organisations at the same table would hardly help. It would also involve far more splitting the party than I am comfortable with, and I am usually okay in splitting the party. But if they went in two different directions, that would mean different stories that may not even coincide.

Secondly, he actually knew that I was doing this and then made up his own organisation without telling me and then more or less expecting me to go along with it. Now, I have been more than reasonable with this player, even shifting the focus of entire campaigns in order to accommodate what he wants to do (it turned out pretty well, to be honest). But dumping this organisation on me seemed a bit much, as well as a bit of overstepping of boundaries as the organisation rules are supposed to be done with the GM involved, either by themselves or with the players.

So he left the setting, saying that he “sick of following orders” which is just stupid as no one was actually giving him order, just expecting him to meet people halfway. I stand by this decision as I cannot be expected to exclusively cater for the whims of one player at the expense of the group.

Future Plans and More Systems

So, a little spiel about what I expect to follow this. The players are involved in some freeform online roleplaying with Firefly and the Hunter’s Game. Personally, I am against freeform roleplay as, unlike in dice-based games, there is no independent factor determining success or failure. But that is just me. They are also planning to run a few sessions of the Hunters game, where I wouldn’t mind rolling up an accounting clerk who just happens to have a sniper rifle in her briefcase.

As for myself, I have the Tomb of Horrors on order and it should arrive around August according to Amazon, it’s a little late as it comes out in about a fortnight, but it gives the players a chance to create their characters as well as be more than a little bit scared about how many different ways I plan to kill them.

Oh, and have I mentioned how I am going to buy Paranoia? Fun times are ahead.


~ by katanageldar on July 11, 2010.

One Response to “The Confused Bantha will return…”

  1. Glad things wrapped up well, all things consider. Looking forward to reading about your future adventures.

    You made the right choice in denying the one player his own organization. If he is not willing to work with the group, why is he playing at all? Good luck there.

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