Been out for a little while, and it’s nothing but horror tombing mayhem

Well, it’s been a month since my last blog entry and the lack of updates has not been from the lack of gaming. It’s been from the sheer amount of it, as well as computer problems that I am sorting out as well as getting a new laptop soon.

So, I thought I would do this post as a short one for the state of things, and then a subsequent post about the live session. Don’t worry, I still have my reviews and commentary articles that I want to do, but they’ll have to wait until my new laptop.

So, first things first…

When bad things happen to good groups

One of the reasons that I haven’t been posting as much is that the gaming group has had a bit of a bust up in the past few weeks. I’m not going to say anything other than the fact that there were arguments and accusations as well as things that probably should not have been said or done. The people in the group who read this blog know what I am talking about and I know better than to air issues in public that are better kept private.

The best thing was is the fact that most of us realised what idiots we have been (including myself) and then got down to basically what we had gathered to do: game. We all have personal preferences, and all groups have tough times and I am happy to say that we managed to weather this storm more or less intact as well as not stick to grudges for too long and just talk about it.

I was going to do a blistering post on here a few weeks back, damning people to the interwebs but I am happy to say that I resisted the temptation as it would just have made things worse. Don’t blog angry, ever.

So, what’s been happening on the gaming front then?

Paranoid players

In the middle of all of this, we managed to get a session of Paranoia in the weekend after Celebration V finished and we had a visit from a very jetlagged, very tired player who had been there who we mobbed. But Paranoia… I don’t think I have had as much fun with a system as I have with Paranoia, though it involves twice as much work than for a regular game.

Not the rules side, as with the rules it’s pretty much what I say goes and if I say it happens it does. Players were rather tame at the beginning, even though someone got executed before they left the briefing room, and no one managed to use up all their clones. A pity, looks like I wasn’t doing my job properly.

And before you ask, I played the mission “The Quantum Traitor” which was included in the book itself and I was attracted to it for the simple reason of the players arguing about the box at the end of the game with all their conflicting orders regarding it.

We did manage to kill all the male players though and send them to the termination room. More by accident than design.

I will do another post about this, but I will say now: Yes, we did have a termination room that we sent players to.

Step and die…just not yet

As my previous post a month ago indicated, I do possess the Tomb of Horrors and I am running it now. Two games, in fact, one online and one in real life. They’re slightly different, the online one in the default D&D setting, the real life in the group campaign setting the Realm of Excardil. They’re also slightly different in approach, and they needed to be purely for the party makeup.

Another difference is that my real life group managed to completely and utterly destroy their plot hook, mainly caused by the spectacularly Chaotic Evil pyromaniac wizard when he blew up the trading caravan they were supposed to be guarding. Incidentally, he was rescued from death by villagers with torches and pitchforks by the cleric teleporting him.

The only thing is that they didn’t make it to the first scripted encounter, just getting bogged down in my preliminary one. I managed to slip in a few, very few plothooks, before we wrapped up for the night. Next time we play ToH, it’s going to be uphill work.

Things are going slightly better with the online group, though very slow as that’s to be expected online. They’re due for an encounter soon though, and I am in the process of setting up an unscripted one for them.

Is there a DM’s sense for knowing when the have an encounter? That could be a topic for another day…


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2 Responses to “Been out for a little while, and it’s nothing but horror tombing mayhem”

  1. I (the cleric) didn’t mean to teleport him to safety really: I was aiming for a tree to knock him out so the villages and I could talk about things rationally, however the dice god intervened…grrr

  2. […] be honest, I had a hard time bringing in the real life players into the story, as they destroyed their plot hook and I had to quickly craft another one. The online players were somewhat more obedient. But the […]

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