My take on the changes…

Well, it’s been about a week since the announcement and this is the first chance that I’ll be able to put my take on it…though it’s not really as expository as you may think it would be. And there’s a reason for that.

The truth is, I have seen quite a few opinions expressed online about this issue. There are about as many rants on doom and gloom as there are ones saying that it’s the best thing since gelatinous cube miniatures. So really, my expressing an opinion on this is hardly going to matter one way or another.

And to be honest, I hardly see the point in it. While I have expressed opinion over content and editorial decisions on this blog, as that’s pretty much what it’s there fore, it’s hardly my field to tell you how to spend your money. It depends on what you use character builder and the rest of D&D Insider tools for and whether this change is good or bad for your gaming group.

So, in saying that, I have decided not to renew my subscription.

There were a number of factors going into this decision.

Firstly, Character Builder going online only is not good at all for me. My Internet connection is unreliable, proven further this week as I’ve been unable to get online for the past four days. If this was leading up to a game day it would be disastrous. I only managed to update my online game this morning, and it was the post to end the round.

Secondly, neither myself nor my group will have any bar of Essentials. A lot of us have the opinion that 4th Edition is a dumbing down, but we use it as we began with Star Wars Saga and it was a natural step. And Essentials is just a continuation of that trend. Plus, it means learning new rules (or rule variants) which are not necessarily better. In addition, we use our own campaign setting and so have hardly any need for the Dark Sun content. And a lot of the new builder is centred around Essentials and Dark Sun.

And thirdly, with the focus on Essentials for the next six months, there’s hardly any content coming out that we would be interested in. Why bother to pay for something you won’t be using. Honestly, this is what make me reconsider renewing my subscription: when I saw the lack of usable content for the next few months.

So this decision isn’t based on a whim, as some may think. I’ve been thinking for a few weeks whether it was worth my while to continue to keep my subscription, this announcement was just the deciding factor. DDI no longer gives me what I need, so why bother to keep it.

And, if down the track new things come out that I want to see from DDI, there’s no reason I could pay just for the one month to test it out before going for the whole year again. I’ll just wait and see.

So my advice is, decide for yourself. It may be for you, it may not, whatever floats your star galleon.


~ by katanageldar on November 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “My take on the changes…”

  1. These kind of event always interest me. While I formed my own opinion instantly upon hearing the news, I read pages of responses of others. Mostly because it helps me learn how others interact with a hobby I love a great deal.

    To me, this could not be better news. A tool that never needs updating, that I can easily use from any of the computers I own (even from work!). Most importantly a tool that is Mac compatible, so I can easily do prep on my Macbook.

    Content wise, I don’t personally have any interest in Essentials, but that doesn’t remove all the core books so I still have my original fighter builds if I want. As for Dark Sun, there is no content more exciting to my group than returning to that setting. Our current group is waiting breathlessly for this update so we can start a Dark Sun campaign.

    So I have no complaints with the new tool and meet it with excitement. My only complaint is that they should have announced it back in August, before they delayed the last two updates for the old builder. The lack of communication has been the biggest problem for me, not the change in direction.

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