The end of year wrap up…

I’ve mentioned this before, but as the end of November is drawing near I thought I’d give my readers a heads up as to what my intentions are until the New Year.


I am planning intending to run a session of Paranoia before the end of the year as part of our Christmas get together, that is if I can have enough people from the group turn up on the date as I’ve had no replies so far. Paranoia is a (comparatively) more relaxed game as well as quicker and more worthy of a party atmosphere. The difference is that I am writing my own mission now, so I hope it does happen.

I doubt there will be much happening on the D&D front until next year, even as far as my online game is going which I will explain in a moment. For the past few weeks we’ve been playing with a relatively light group (even for us) due to the variety of other commitments and transport difficulties. And this is only going to get worse. Fingers crossed we have gaming this weekend and next, but I’m not holding my breath.

Personal Stuff

Aside from that, there’s my own plans for Christmas an New Year. Once again, I will be in Sydney but I’ll be away on a cruise over Christmas. Unfortunately, due to the timing I won’t be able to make my visit to the Sydney group. I am hoping, perhaps rather unreasonably, that I will be able to get some gaming on board the ship as we’ll have quite a few days at sea.

This isn’t the penultimate post, more a statement of intentions. As from about mid-December until Mid-January this site is going to stay stagnant. Not that that’s anything new.


~ by katanageldar on November 18, 2010.

One Response to “The end of year wrap up…”

  1. It seems like you’re at the low side of a steep hill. Wasn’t it just last year that you were struggling to find players, and now this down-trend in d20 comes after a peak of about 8+ players in your group?

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