Getting back into hyperspace…

Has it really been six months since I ran Star Wars? It doesn’t feel like that long ago when the last campaign ended rather abruptly, as we’d gotten to the end of the story and just stopped. Straight after I started planning the next game, somewhat, but then Tomb of Horrors came along and distracted me.

A little.

Okay, more than a little.

However, people have been asking me when the next Star Wars game will start, and as I’m taking a break from D&D at the moment, it looks like it’s the right time to head back to the galaxy far, far away…

As well as to realise that 4E was making a bunch of babies out of us. I’ve said before that 4E was a natural step from Star Wars Saga, but it’s more like a step down given the different mentalities around the same basic set of rules. When I started running 4E, I was wishing Star Wars had at least half of the tools that DMs had at their disposal to help with their games. Like character builder, monster builder and even the little hints that the Monster Manuals gave about encounter groups for various levels.

In Star Wars, a lot of this is manual, and while I have a character builder for Star Wars Saga, it doesn’t give you the power cards that explain the powers, which is why in the beginning I was pretty much flying blind and had only the vaguest notion of what some of the mechanics were.

But I digress, how 4E makes us lazy bastards could be a whole ‘nother post.

Now, the next Star Wars campaign I’ve gone a little differently. I’ve been more forthcoming with my players about how it will start, simply due to the nature of what I want them to do. Yes, I have brought out Mr Bond again. But it’s going to be bigger and better than ever before as they will be planning an attack.

I’ve also made the campaign somewhat adaptable, as Star Wars is not really dependant on party composition. While I would like most of the group who wants to play to turn up for the battle sessions, the middle of the game is more plot-based with some intrigue which will lead up to the big finish. Which I’m not going to talk about, at all.

It’s not going to start for a while, and by the time I am ready to run it it will begin…again.


~ by katanageldar on January 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Getting back into hyperspace…”

  1. I may or may not have several new SW minis for you to use when we begin the new campaign.

    Alright, more than just several. Damn my lack of internet shopping self control.

  2. […] back to the game. As I said earlier, I was going to let the players have their own plan of assaulting the Corellian Corvette. I would […]

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