Wookiee leaks

So, after months in hiatus, the crew of the Confused Bantha finally took to the space ways again…

Or not.

I gave the players the option of creating new characters. They all did this, with the exception of one who did not even level up until I asked him to when he arrived. Don’t think too hardly of him, though. He had an appointment with a certain Sith Lord for most of the week, and I didn’t want to start the campaign without him.

But I think it was him who made the call inspired the title for the post. Something about his comment of changing his character’s name to Julian Assange…

Anyway, back to the game. As I said earlier, I was going to let the players have their own plan of assaulting the Corellian Corvette. I would give them the tools, I would give them the information but it was up to them to do all the planning and then play against me.

It turned out very differently to what I had in mind, and while I moan the fact that I did not get to wave the Imperial flag, it turned out well. It was also much, much shorter than I anticipated. I thought the attack would happen over the course of a few seconds, but they were done by 7.30.

If you want something done, give it to a lazy person

It all started when the players asked me if they could sneak someone onto the ship before it left port. I said yes, at first resisting then realised there was no reason to: I try to never refuse a player’s chance to be creative. Though I did have to have my challenge to them thrown back in my face first.

They then proceeded to plan, without me, to have contacts on the ship with the other players who had not even officially joined the party yet. There was one exception, but she didn’t get in the way (too much) and was recruited shortly afterwards.

The crux of the plan was this: they used the ship I gave them, a Citadel-class cruiser, a borrowed Imperial officer uniform and an official Imperial warrant to bluff their way on board. I was hoping it didn’t work, as I wanted to go ahead with my plan (the Imperials blasting them out of the sky). But the worst thing happened, someone rolled a twenty.

While this was going on, the Wookiees were freed and let loose on the crew. So, you have a crew of thirty against fifty angry Wookiees pulling people’s arms off. No prizes for guessing who wins there.

I attempted a “saving throw” by having the captain attempt to contact the Imperials to tell them, in a coded message, that they and their “cargo” had been attacked. But the Force was not with me, I rolled badly and the players won the day.

"Captain Needa, that ship doesn't appear on our scopes. In fact, it never did."

I’m not bitter, the players came up with a plan that I had never anticipated, not even slightly. And I guess this is where my reaction, or lack thereof, came in. It was done so well, so efficiently, that by the time the Empire arrived (as they would) the ship would have been long gone.

And that was the idea.

I will say this: the players are not entirely off the hook. Acts like this have consequences. Particularly in a galaxy where the Imperial arm of the law gets longer and heavier. Even though there have done a very good job at covering their tracks, but there are ways and means at my disposal. And I will use them.

The plot moves on

The encounter on the Corellian Corvette was the first act, now we move onto the second with more intrigue as the Empire becomes more of a nuisance and a threat. There are also things I have in mind, a few seeds planted, that will hopefully lead up to the finale I have planned.

It does need to be said that after so long a break from the chair I was a little rusty. There were suggestions, and people even, that I ignored that should not have been. I can only apologise for this, and do my best to be more forthcoming. Particularly when it looks I am in here for the long haul….

~ by katanageldar on February 8, 2011.

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