Dropping out, dropping in

Somehow it always seems that the character I create for particularly games of D&D are just that: temporary. The Bard/Wizard hybrid I made was just to test out hybrids, and while I do like playing her I’m already planning my next character in my head: a Seeker.

That is, once I start playing again.

As the current DM is stepping down…sort of. And fair enough, as running a big group is very tiring. Particularly in 4th Edition. Recently on forums I frequent, one guy asked us how he was going to manage a group of fifteen. FIFTEEN. My head spins at the thought of that.

So I asked him if he minded planning the next campaign together, and I think it will go well.

Back on the road…

So, with the players now on level twelve and finished a brief side-quest with some lycanthropes, I say it’s time to get them back on the straight and narrow. It is time for them to know a little it about what Acererak is doing, and where they can go to find him and discover more about his plans.

I am being very particular about in and out of character knowledge. By the very nature of the game, this involves Acererak. But exactly what this is I have kept under wraps, even from my fellow DM.

But I will give a hint: it involved undead. A LOT of undead.


~ by katanageldar on February 10, 2011.

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