Now’s the time to celebrate!

Even though I am unsure of the exact date, I do make a point to commemorate every April as the anniversary of my roleplaying group. And also this blog, which started in March 2009. It’s much more fitting to celebrate the group in April, as it’s about all of us coming together. So lets take a look at what another year of roleplaying has brought us.

More Members

After the disastrous period following Christmas 2009, we now have far more regular players than before. We can get as many as ten at a time around the table on game night, though the average number is usually five or six.Players have come and gone, some returning and some not and we’ve had more than our fair share of dramas.

There is far more cohesion in the group, despite numbers. And this has been more than encouraged by the non-gaming events that have happened, yet these never would have happened in the first place had there not been gaming events.

I’m only partially responsible for our increased numbers, most of it has happened though other players. Sometimes it has gone well, sometimes it hasn’t.

More Games

We now have seven game systems in the offering, though we usually hover between a chosen few. These are Star Wars Saga, D&D 4E, Paranoia, Hunters and now we’re starting to get into D&D 3.5. I don’t run all of them, and I haven’t had the chance to play some of them yet, but it’s a matter of scheduling.

Players are learning new games that they can run and teaching us how, mainly because anyone is open to run a game providing they can find time in the schedule and interested players. And we have a long list.

Better Venue

First we were at the library, then at someone’s house, then for the longest time we were at the church. Now we have a better venue, hire of a boardroom right behind Hungry Jacks. No surprises there about where we go for dinner now. The table is better, it’s warmer and we are not on the blockie route with teenagers reving up and down the street in front of the place. There’s only one disadvantage is that it’s slightly more difficult to get to than the church, but this is minor.

So, lets look forward to another year!


~ by katanageldar on April 12, 2011.

One Response to “Now’s the time to celebrate!”

  1. Congratulations! You said your blog started in 2009, but when did your group first get together? Reading this made me realize that my current primary group will celebrate our 10th Anniversary this summer. Crap I’m getting old.

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