Of course we had fun

I took Paranoia to Eyecon because it was a game that I was confident I could run; even though it’s the newest system that I run. It was also portable, as Paranoia requires only many, many pieces of paper.I actually brought too many bits of paper, but at least there was room in my suitcase for the books, games and chocolate I had acquired over the course of the long weekend.

I never though I would say this but I will now: Paranoia is a great game to take to a con not just for the advantages above, but for the nature of the game itself. Even after running the same mission again got old, I was still motivated by my curiosity of what my players would do next. And I was not disappointed in the least.

And this has convinced me further to take it to Sydcon, if I get there that is. Plans are in the works but anything could happen.

Even though I knew that everyone had enjoyed it, in fact people kept on telling me that they wanted to play but couldn’t manage to get in, it was a nice surprise to have a big cheer when I went up to present my trophies.

My players have been warned, though, they need to give me a new version of those famous Alpha Complex songs “We Love Friend Computer” and “Stab, Stab, Stab the Commies” next time I run it.

Which won’t be for a while.


~ by katanageldar on May 12, 2011.

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