Eating my words

Well, it’s been a few weeks since gaming, with people not being able to show up and whatnot and a few of us were getting cabin fever. The worst part is that we have two games on hiatus, due to the fact that certain people need to be there in order for it to happen. So, in what you may call desperation, we had another Mutant City Blues session.

I fully expected not to run it again for a very long while. It is and always will be a backup system, due to it’s nature as it works best in small groups. Despite that, it does require a bit more thought and research, and the former counts for the players as well. And having too many people wasn’t a problem this time, as there were only three players besides myself who could make it. And I managed to run it without my fellow GM from last time.

I can’t take all the credit, and I don’t doubt things would have run smoother had she been there, and not just to act as the NPCS (and she’s better at it than me, to be honest) but those small things that I had to chase down from three different people in the end. There were facts about the case that I specifically did not know, and at times I asked them but I did know enough to give them enough to solve it.

But starting with a body floating in the harbour  and ending with a cult of murderous “vampires”…yeah, that was me. And I was worried it was going to be too far-fetched. In hindsight, slightly quirky cases like this one may be better than ordinary ones dressed up with some anamorphic frills.

However, I cannot take credit for the ending as that was all the players. It was the same old problem: I didn’t know how to end it. But why do that myself when I know the players can come up with something much better than I ever could? Like a raid on a nightclub that was so good it should be in the movies. Yes, that is straight from the James Bond treatment, and it works.

So, it’s back to normal as of this weekend. We will have the final session of the Undermere campaign, after which 4E will be going on a much deserved hiatus. And then we tackle the larger issue of getting the people to bring Star Wars back as well as the 3.5 game that another player is running. But for now, it’s one catastrophe at a time.


~ by katanageldar on July 12, 2011.

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