About Me


Katana Geldar is a university student currently doing a postgraduate teaching degree. she has been a Star Wars fan only since 2002 and got into gaming earlier this year.

She also writes Star Wars fan fiction and edits machinma films.

And yes, she is female, and a gamer.

My Characters

Adannaya – Level 1 Half-Elf Paladin

Eirian – Level 3 Human Wizard

Firete – Level 1 Half-Elf Bard

Niarta Kuvalani – Level 1 Miraluka Jedi

2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Hey Katana, which of those characters is your favorite one to play?

  2. I’ve blogged you on get meeb but I thought i should leave a calling card so you can send me a reply. Interesting reading your about me – I just retired from teaching – thats 10 years of service to something you will experience soon enough – advice – be a sponge for info – use your elders ears – respect is mastered through presence (you’ll figure that out over time).

    I’m a gamer, male, dont like FPS that much, have d&d’d for a few years but want to learn 4th ed – best play and learn its more fun than lots of reading and can run elecronic player sheet. let me kone if you are intersted in starting a campaign, but if you are starting teaching this year 2011, i’ll guess you will be flat out doing both. Dont over commit yourself in the first year out at any school – you need time to get used to the pace and there are times in the year when you will be working the nightshift to keep up with things – that comes with the job – be very well organised and you will do ok.

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