Sydcon 2011 – A Retrospective

You know, I never expected to be making this post. At all. In June this year I was resigned to not going at all and even clicked “Not Attending” on Facebook. But a series of events led me to relocating and one of the first things I did when I knew this was definite was ask if it was too late to run the game I had been planning to run back when I was thinking about it when they were talking about Sydcon at the end of Eyecon.

That game is of course Paranoia and the module is called An ARD Day’s Night, which we’ll get to in another post as it deserves its own. I’ll just say it’s more than convinced me to keep running Paranoia at cons.

The problem when you run a game at a convention is that you don’t have time to play much else. I was running five games of Paranoia and I had only three sessions free. And I had to make a few hard choices, but I played Serenity, Rapture and Call of Cthullhu which I have always wanted to play (and ended up getting a trophy for).

But after last time it wasn’t just the games. What I really liked about Sydcon was that almost everyone knew each other, or knew of each other even though some people hadn’t seen me since Easter. And next easter can’t come soon enough, to be honest.


~ by katanageldar on October 12, 2011.

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