Even Jedi Masters have answering machines

Sorry about the lack of posts, between working for some money, working on the next part of my campaign and trying to help a friend with a few things, keeping the blog kinda got away from me. But, no longer. I’m going to have a series of posts about what’s been going on so far as well as my thoughts on various things as I continue this journey as the Level 1 GM.

So, back to the current campaign. Now, where were we?  Oh yes, this is where we are.

But, before that, there was the thing with the princess, an underwater adventure that involved shooting a fish in the mouth while in a yellow submarine, shooting an important person that turned out to be a decoy and an encounter with two Toydarian traders on Coruscant that happen to be brothers.

I would have gone on, perhaps finished the second part of the campaign that has taken four sessions so far (yes, it’s getting big!) if I did not keep stalling for a player who did not end up turning up until we had to wrap up for the day.

Yes, the dynamics of this group has changed. I have lost two players, regrettably, hopefully I will see them back one day as it is different when you have different numbers. But I have managed to find another, and I’ll have more about the game that he is running in a later post, as I think it’s very well done even from the restrictive chair of a player that I was looking at it.

One other thing has changed: we no longer play as often or for as long. As I am working quite a few Saturdays now, I’ve had to arrange the games fortnightly, which means they need to end early given that some of the players need to go to LARP. This also means that I can fit it in with another game in the afternoon that the rest of us will be going to. It;s regrettable, I liked playing every week but it gives me more time to get the campaign in gear before the next time.

Finally, you might be asking about the title. It’s actually from an interesting NPC control device that I have discovered when I don’t want the players informing certain NPCs about their actions. The clones squad that is in charge of the princess mission, my favourite NPC Jedi Wu-Wei Kuvar (whom I have already introduced) is their CO. They like to inform him of their doings, yet when there was a situation where what they were doing was probably going to cause some censure I made it so they couldn’t get in contact with him.

Hello, you have reached Wu-Wei Kuvar. Unfortunately, I cannot take your call at the moment. If you leave your name, a comlink code and a planet you can be contacted on, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

And yes, even then I had to have a Hitchhiker’s reference. Douglas Adams has the best jokes, anyway.


~ by katanageldar on October 4, 2009.

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