Calling your attacks

Well, this is the last of the ‘Sydney’ posts even though I’ve been back here for about a fortnight. I do have things that I want to move on with and post about later on, so I have to get this over with.

It sounds as if this was a drudge, or at least bad, but what I am talking about is one of the highlights of my visit up there. As well as a discovery that there were two words that I simply wanted to say over and over again.

Hopefully Rich doesn’t mind that, given that I’ve linked back to his original script.

I managed to get to one game while I was up there, Star Wars Saga at Good Games in Burwood and I had to start out at four thirty so I could get there by six. And I was the only one that was on time, and that included the GM.

Honestly, I thought the bad attitude to getting anywhere on time was something just around here. Maybe its just around gamers, I don’t know.

Anyway, I managed to roll up a character then and there, Twi’lek Scoundrel. Now, Scout is usually my favoured class as a player, perhaps even coupled with Noble to get their skill sets. Why the change then?

Well, just one reason: Sneak Attack! It’s one of the Scoundrel’s core talents where you gain a d6 dice if you attack with a ranged weapon while an enemy is flatfooted. I honestly had no idea it was there, must have passed it over on my many flip throughs. It had also escaped the attentions of one of my players who favours Scoundrels.

So, I used it at my first opportunity. I had a blaster rifle with 3d6, managed to catch an enemy flatfooted…

…and I got a Natural 20! 27 points of damage with my bonuses!

There was only one slight problem…I had killed a little kid

So I guess that now I have to tell you a little bit more about the game, and how I think we jumped all over the GM’s campaign (for the record, he told me we didn’t).

Basically, we were on Tatooine to meet some guy at Mos Eisley about supply contracts for some people we were working for. At least, that’s what I think but when I am a player it’s not my job to keep track of the plot now, is it? But it was basically a succession of fights with some rather frustrated players who had not gamed for a few months, at least that’s what I was told by the GM.

First it was stormtroopers, and we totally provoked that attack and I just wanted to roleplay.

Then, it was the kids, though that was really my fault for the above reasons.

And then, Tusken Raiders, which we killed as well.

We finally got to Mos Eisley at about 9.30, 30 minutes before we finished playing, met the guy and then arrived back at our ship to find it had been dismantled by Jawas. Cue me shouting “Broken bridge!” and we were done for the night.

It was fun, but I didn’t get out of the night what I wanted to: more table experience. But it was not really that sort of game. Just a shoot ’em up frustration let out, and I was actually criticised when I wanted to go against the way everyone was playing.

I didn’t manage to get to a D&D 4E game, though I wanted to and that’s for a whole bunch of unrelated reasons, including me going out to Coogee that same day. Though if my impressions of what that DM said are right, it may have been more of the same.

And I have to admit, that’s not my kind of game. Give me story! Give me plot hooks!


~ by katanageldar on January 15, 2010.

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